Why a bike path on Sherbrooke street?

  • Many destinations (groceries, shops, restaurants, campuses, daycares, clinics, offices)
  • Used by many people who ride bikes
  • High number of cyclist injuries
  • Most of the Bixi stations are on Sherbrooke st. in NDG
  • Crosses 4 communities (NDG, Westmount, Downtown, MHM)
  • De Maisonneuve bike path is already at capacity downtown
  • Many students bike to campuses on Sherbrooke (Concordia University Loyola Campus, McGill University, UQAM, Collège de Montréal, Collège de Maisonneuve)

High cyclist injuries on Sherbrooke in NDG (Source)

Injured Cyclists 2015

and Sherbrooke downtown (Source)

incidents Ville-Marie

One of the most cycled streets in NDG (Source)

Most Bixi stations are on Sherbrooke

Screenshot of BIXI Montreal _ Station map


  • In NDG most of Sherbrooke has a dangerous 1/2 lane for passing, repurpose that space for a bike path and move it near the sidewalk
  • One bike lane each in each direction with the flow of traffic
  • Parking would be preserved and would separate the moving cars from cyclists

Screenshot of 5737 Sherbrooke St - Google Maps.jpg

Sherbrooke St – Streetmix

Comparing Sherbrooke & new Bloor bike path





Park side


More photos


  • Reduce dooring injuries
  • Reduce car collisions with people riding bikes
  • Reduce car driver anxiety as cyclists will be out of the way
  • Safer for All Ages & Abilities (AAA)
  • Promote cycling for short errands instead of using the car
  • Overall total sales improve for merchants (Refer to similar Bloor St. pilot project)
  • In a car you’re zooming by the shops – bad for business, on two wheels your a window shopper and can stop on a dime.

Success stories

The Park(ing) Day on Sherbrooke st.


“Data showed that parking protected bike lanes produced economic, mobility and safety benefits. Crashes went down 48%. Retail sales went up almost 49%. Cars had dedicated turning lanes, so the traffic processed much better and bikes had dedicated bikes lanes. It was a win for business, it was a win for drivers, it was a win for people on foot and a win for people on two wheels.”

One thought on “

  1. Great idea to start a site devoted to the creation of the badly needed Sherbrooke St bike path.
    It would be a big plus for all as your “benfits” state.
    De Maisonneuve is saturated – we need more East-West downtown paths!


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